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Site Name Rankweil
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Description Rankweil is a market town in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg and is located in the district of Feldkirch. Rankweil is located in the upper Rhine Valley in Vorarlberg, district Feldkirch, in the border region to Switzerland (St. Gallen Rhine Valley) and the Principality of Liechtenstein, at 468 meters above sea level. Rankweil is the third most western municipality in Austria. About 70% of the 22 km² large municipality lie in the Rhine plain, the rest in the mostly wooded hill country. Between the "Hohe Sattel" (752 m) in the south and the "Sattelberg" (575 m) in the north near Klaus, the Rhine plain forms the protected bay of the "Vorderland" with a pronounced favorable climate that allows demanding agricultural crops. 30% of the area of Rankweils are wooded. In Rankweil multiple remains from the Late Bronze Age and the Late Iron Age could be found. Most of them in the central part of Rankweil - surrounding the so-called Liebfrauenberg. Some ceramic and glass remains dating in the late bronze age from the "Liebfrauenberg" and from a waste heap on the Ringstraße were found in the 1950ties. Behind the so-called Kaplanshaus on the "Liebfrauenberg" a settlement area with finds from the Early Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age could be determined. Further North from the "Liebfrauenberg" at the Montfortstraße 16 remains of a metal industry site and a lowland settlement area from the Late Iron Age as well as "visit" of the area during the Late Bronze Age and/or Early Iron Age could be established in 2015. Further historic sights in this area are e.g. the Pilgrimage Church "Unserer Lieben Frauen Mariä Heimsuchung", the Saint Peter's Church and the open air museum "Römervilla".
Public Yes
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  • Municipality
  • Rankweil, Rheintal-Bodenseegebiet
  • Smallest Administrative Unit Rankweil
    Ownership 4 – information not available
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  • Bronze Age
  • Early Bronze Age
  • Late Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Late Iron Age
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  • Late Middle Age
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  • Tourism
    Accessibility 1 – accessible by public transport
    Visibility 3 - invisible archaeological heritage
    Infrastructure 2 – basic infrastructure
    Long-Term Management 4 – information not available
    Potential of the Surroundings 1 – touristic region with excellent infrastructure
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06002", "name": "Rankweil", "pk": "2"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.641739, 47.265951], [9.654101, 47.272474], [9.657535, 47.276046], [9.652269, 47.280238], [9.642425, 47.283965], [9.636931, 47.284275], [9.627316, 47.280859], [9.625485, 47.274337], [9.626858, 47.269989], [9.632353, 47.267193], [9.641739, 47.265951]]]]}}]}