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3200 out of 3200

{'items': '3200 out of 3200', 'title': 'Research Question', 'subtitle': 'What was the initial research question to be answered with the conducted research methods? Only for scientific research.', 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of ResearchEvents', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'ResearchEvents', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['Usage of the area', 46], ['Chance find', 51], ['Search for possible settlement area', 70], ['Chance find during/after Construction work', 37], ['investigation of bone field', 4], ['Clarify the findings and settlement patterns of the fortified hilltop settlement', 7], ['excavation before the erruption of four military barrack', 1], ['extension of settlement area and funerary area', 6], ['Excavation before construction work', 30], ['Test trenches corresponding to the ground radar', 1], ['Location of funerary entity', 3], ['Continuation of excavation', 93], ['Review of the excavations from the 1940s by Adolf Hild and his interpretations (residential buildings, fire layers, dry stone foundations, hearths)', 1], ['Clarification of the area as a prehistoric settlement area', 11], ['Construction and reconstruction of a building, chance find', 2], ['Continuation of research', 6], ['Dimension of entity', 4], ['Dating, type', 3], ['Dating, type, Comparison with finds from other settlements', 2], ['Dimension of entity, Dating', 1], ['Dating', 24], ['Determination of typology', 1], ['Clarification of the findings', 7], ['Documentation of profile', 1], ['Localisation of area of metallurgical activity', 6], ['Extension of entity', 18], ['Securing of geomagnetics', 1], ['Time span of use and size of the used area as a settlement', 20], ['Contents of the fireplace', 1], ['Dating of the fireplaces', 1], ['Research excavation of the special research area "HiMAT" (History of Mining Activities in Tyrol and Adjacent Areas, funded by the FWF, TWF and local sponsors), excavation of the University of Innsbruck.', 1], ['Determination of typology and dating', 8], ['Determination of use', 1], ['Determination of entity', 5], ['Determination of settlement terraces', 2], ['Continuation of examination', 8], ['Investigation of the extent of the late Hallstatt or early La Tène-temporal settlement area at the eastern foothills of the hilltop', 1], ['Determination of bone-type', 1], ['The aim of the work was to clarify the findings of prehistoric metal artifacts, which were discovered in June 2010.', 1], ['Excavation of findings', 5], ['Documentation during/after construction work', 8], ['Extension of settlement area', 10], ['Rescue excavation', 28], ['Construction work', 6], ['Surface inspection', 1], ['Determination of entity-type', 1], ['Chance find during survey', 3], ['Determination of multiphase of finding/s', 1], ['Planned site corrections', 2], ['size of the field and general investigation\xa0before possible construction', 1], ['Condition of the entity', 2], ['Verification of the geomagnetics', 1], ['Determination of time frame', 1], ['Determination of age and time', 1], ['Determination of the type of finding and connection to place of burning activity', 2], ['Recovery', 1], ['Localisation of furnace/s', 16], ['The main goal was to find woods for dendrochronological analyzes and organic material for C14 Dating.', 1], ['Localisation and dating of furnace/s', 2], ['Dating of findings', 2], ['Localisation of area connected to the finds', 2], ['Composition of the ceramic', 1], ['Dating of the finds, typological aspects', 2], ['Localisation of settlement area or area of metallurgical activity', 1], ['Revisit of a known entity', 2], ['Localisation of find place', 5], ['Determination of find place type ', 1], ['Dating of bones', 2], ["Definition of the artefact's material", 1], ['Localisation of mining areas', 3], ['Conservation status of the entity', 1], ['search for finds', 13], ['Examination of findings', 2], ['Rescue work', 3], ['Determination of animal species', 5], ['Excavation to clarify the origin of the small finds', 1], ['determination of industrial site and Dating', 1], ['Extension and determination of entity', 3], ['Collection of macro remains for further analysis', 1], ['Determination of findings', 2], ['Excavation work', 1], ['Determination of the type of entity', 3], ['Structure of the areal', 1], ['Construction phases', 2], ['Localisation of a source version', 1], ['Determination of used stone-types', 1], ['Mapping of area', 1], ['Confirmation of finds', 1], ["Determination of human's size", 1], ['Clarification of the provenance of the findings', 3], ['Provisional exploration', 1], ['Extension of entity and position of potential findings', 3], ['Determination of the local vegetation history and its anthropogenic influence', 1], ['Localisation of mining areas; Gaining charcoal for analysis', 7], ['Scanning the root plates for possible finds.', 1], ['Determination of the find type', 3], ['Determination of chance find', 1], ['Determination of animal species, Determination of the find type', 1], ['Localisation of the path and determination of its dating', 1], ['Determination of water transport site', 1], ['Typology local metal industry ', 1], ['Identification of entity', 2], ['Dating of entity', 1], ['Determination of sex, age and time', 2], ['Verfication of site', 1], ['Determination of find place type and dating', 1], ['Extension and chronology of the funerary site.', 4], ['regional studies', 1], ['A need for better understanding of stratigraphy.', 1], ['What is the potential of geophysical research of Early Iron Age sites. Creating a case study that can be applicable to other Early Iron Age sites', 1], ['How will geological environment influence the geophysical research', 1], ['What is a potential of older surces for discovering new archaeological sites.', 1], ['How much information can be gathered from a detail excavation of an Early Iron Age Urn?', 1], ['Can we determin the area from which the Iron Age potters extracted row materials which they used for production of vessels.', 1], ['Dating of the settlement fortification', 4], ['Linguistic research of inscriptions.', 1], ['Dating of the furnaces', 3], ['Localisation of entity', 1], ['Localisation of industrial site/s', 1], ['Examination during construction work', 2], ['Determination of the sample species', 2], ['Documentation of destruction', 1], ['Search for funerary site', 5], ['extension of scattered hoard find', 1], ['preserve the findings from harm due to agricultural activity', 1], ['Investigating further parts of the graveyard area', 9], ['defining phases of salt mining and catastrophies/hiatus', 1], ['archaeological evaluation of the contents of a known Hallstatt grave, sold at an auction', 1], ['Investingating and dating the cemetery', 2], ['Evaluation of the findings', 4], ['Review earlier excavations and their results', 1], ['Newly surveying the funerary site', 1], ['Archaeological investigation during construction works.', 42], ['Total station survey at the north slope of the Turmkogel', 1], ['Examining the plateau/settlement area', 9], ['Examining the funerary area', 6], ['Analyse the woven fabric', 1], ['Investigating the area', 1], ['Investigating and dating of the barrow grave', 2], ['Investigation of a chance find.', 4], ['defining phases of settlement and mining', 5], ['Extension and structure of cultural layers', 3], ['Chance find of a layman.', 3], ['Clarify the extension, appearance and functional conception of the mining area Wirtsalm-Viehhofen.', 3], ['Determination of the periods of use of Vordere Pitschenbergalm.', 1], ['Investigations of Bronze Age and Early Iron Age mining industry.', 1], ['First investigations of the prehistoric mining activities in Sulzbachmoos/Troiboden.', 1], ['Usage of the area in prehistoric times and determination of possible prehistoric settlements.', 2], ['Dating of structures ', 1], ['Investigation of one of the visible burial mounds.', 1], ['Investigation after a find (looting?) by a private person.', 2], ['Examination of the current condition of the tumuli.', 2], ['Current state of the tumuli group Buchberg-Hieb.', 1], ['Inspection of an area from where a chance find was reported.', 2], ['Research in the Hallstatt, La-Tène and Roman cemetery before construction of the airport.', 1], ['Archaeological investigations during mine works.', 2], ['Supervision of construction works on the railroad bed.', 1], ['Supervision of construction works.', 4], ['Investingating the funerary and settlement site', 1], ['Economical history of Dürrnberg.', 1], ['Investigation of stray finds.', 2], ['Dating of the archaological complex', 1], ['Are there any archaeological remains in the area?', 23], ['Who and when was buried on the cemetery?', 4], ['Geographycal and chronological extent of the settlement and the cemetery area', 1], ['Is the feature a burial mound?', 3], ['What kind of archaeological features exist in the area?', 4], ['What were occupation phases on the hillfort', 1], ['Supervision of the construction of the railways tracks.', 1], ['Supervision of the construction of the new railway tracks.', 1], ['Training excavation.', 3], ['Chronological determinaton of the mounds', 1], ['Research of the Roman settlement', 1], ['Investigation of the cemetery before construction works.', 1], ['Dating of the find', 1], ['Documentation of the mounds', 1], ['Confirmation of fieldwalking surveys', 1], ['Usage of the features', 2], ['Documenting the present state', 1], ['Atrribution of the feature', 1], ['Clarification of data', 1], ['Clarification of find place', 1], ['Excavation of burial mounds', 2], ['Extention of the funerary area', 4], ['Collection of archaeological sites aroung the Lake Balaton', 1], ['Sites recording', 5], ['Rescue excavations prior to the construction of Dürrnberg Landesstraße.', 1], ['Location/Collection of sites in Southern Styria', 37], ['Location/Collection of tumuli groups in the Großklein-region', 9], ['Investigation of tumuli group', 2], ['Examination of the castle ruins previous to their removal.', 1], ['Restauration works in the mediaeval church which was built over the site.', 1], ['Location/Collection of sites in Styria', 44], ['Research of a part of the burial mound previous to construction of a road.', 1], ['Determination of origin of the copper slag in the pottery from this site.', 1], ['Finds and excavations made during construction of a water reservoire.', 1], ['investigating the settlement terraces', 1], ['Chronological determination of rampart', 2], ['Collection of Late Bronze Age hoards', 1], ['Archaeological investigations during gravel extraction.', 7], ['Archaeological investigations during construction of the upper station of the passenger ropeway.', 1], ['Archaeological investigations during renovation and expansion of the health establishment St. Josef.', 1], ['Finds and investigations made during peat digging.', 1], ['Archaeological investigations during construction of a snack bar.', 1], ['Smelting places detected during geological fieldwork in order to find geological deposits.', 1], ['Re-examination of the site.', 1], ['Dating of the artefacts found in the last 80 years inside the cave.', 1], ['Soil analysis on the site of a deposit.', 1], ['Computertomography of folded and wrapped-up bronze objects in order to "unfold" them.', 1], ['Archaeological expertise done for the Kleine Horizontalhöhle.', 1], ['Clarification of stratigraphy, structure and dating of the settlement.', 2], ['Dating and extension of funerary site and circular earthworks', 9], ['Dating of the deposit.', 1], ['Extension of settlement area (late antiquity) and temple area (roman empire)', 7], ['Investigations previous to the construction of a water reservoir.', 1], ['Search for further burial mounds or other archaeological features in the area.', 7], ['Search for settlement structure', 1], ['Function of a man-made hillock visible in the woods.', 1], ['Dating of the outher rampart of the settlement as well as investigation on the depth and size of its outer ditch.', 1], ['Topography of the area', 8], ['Geological report', 1], ['Proof of prehistoric ramparts suspected on the terrace', 1], ['Clarification of the stratigraphy of the settlement.', 1], ['Extension of the cemetery', 1], ['Localisation of the grave of the "Kultwagen".', 1], ['Further research on the results of the magnetometry surveys. ', 1], ['Extension of the settlement.', 1], ['Research on prehistoric paths', 1], ['Settlement history', 1], ['Search for settlement structure and construction of the fortification', 2], ['search for possible settlement structures and the construction of the fortification', 1], ['search for possible sites', 13], ['Location of find place - deposit', 4], ['Clearifying ALS data', 1], ['search for burial mounds', 1], ['Determination of a Hallstatt-era fortification', 1], ['Localisation of settlement sites', 1], ['Determination of settlement phases', 1], ['Extension of the entity and construction of the grave', 1], ['examination of the funerary site', 1], ['Research excavation: connection between settlement and burial mounds', 1], ['Determination of feature and structure', 2], ['improve the method', 2], ['Archaeological investigations during loam extraction.', 1], ['Dating of a charcoal piece from the bronze key deposit.', 1], ['Analysis of the composition of copper slag found on the site.', 1], ['Inspection of the site after reports of looting.', 1], ['Clarification of the relation between the settlement and an artificial hillock on the eastern edge of the plateau.', 1], ['Investigations before construction works.', 4], ['Archaeological investigations prior to the construction of a radar device.', 1], ['Research on the time frame of human activities on Schlossberg.', 1], ['Archaeological investigations prior to the construction of the railway from St. Michael to Bischofshofen.', 1], ['Research of the site endangered by a torrent.', 1], ['Analysis of the construction method of the twin furnaces.', 1], ['Clarification of the usage of this area (copper ore processing?).', 1], ['Identification of the botanical remains', 1], ['Extension of the flat cemetery', 1], ['Excavation of tumuli', 16], ['Excavation of tumulus', 1], ['Excavation of flat cemetery', 1], ['Collection of botanical remains', 1], ['Collection of finds', 2], ['Field not populated', 2063]]}

Total results: 3200

ID Start Date. Research Type Related Sites Research Methods
89 2014-01-01 scientific research Göfis metal detecting survey, core drilling, test pit
94 1826-01-01 Göfis excavation
95 1861-01-01 Göfis excavation
97 1939-01-01 Göfis excavation
99 1947-01-01 Göfis excavation
100 1934-10-01 Göfis field-walking survey
102 1937-08-27 Göfis excavation
104 2014-09-01 scientific research Rankweil stratigraphic excavation, artefact studies
107 2013-06-01 development led research Rankweil artefact studies
111 1952-01-01 development led research Rankweil artefact studies

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